Reserved Voyage

paper cutout sculpture and video installation at Arte.Fact Galerie, Poitiers, France, 2008

Exhibition Press

Arte.Fact Galerie is pleased to present Reserved Voyage exhibition of work by artist Lien-Chen Lin. Her stop-motion videos, produced in North America, Taiwan, and Europe, embrace the differences of each place’s unique culture and landscape. The map cutout sculptures question our views of the mobility development and the nature world.

In November 2006, Lin finished her work contract as media art director in the USA for 6 years. With no interest to become an American citizen, She left New York City and started traveling around the world. She became a resident of nowhere. Despite the difficulty of getting visas to stay and produce her video in some locations, she managed to make the reservations and the trips to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver in Canada, and then back to Taiwan. She received Sumu media artist residency grant from Turku, Finland last year. She made the trips in and out Europe 2 times in 2007.

Most residency locations Lin chose are either a connection point or an isolated place from geographical, cultural and politic perspectives, like as her homeland, Taiwan, politics divided. Lin uses whatever materials and spaces are available locally to produce her work. The idea of “stop motion” gives the viewers "a break" between 2 frames to feel, to think, to relax to react in her expression on the rise and fall of the connection between people and places.

The real voyage is not about seeking new landscapes, but discovering ourselves with new eyes. Being a resident of the world on the roads for more than 1 year, Lin conveys her views of the nature world through map cutout sculptures, the butterflies, which present 2 messages: the over-developing mobility may endanger the beauty of the nature; and the kingdom of butterflies, Taiwan, may be lost in the rise of global economic unions.

Lien-Chen Lin is originally from Taiwan, received M.A degree in Studio Art and Environmental Art from New York University and was featured at the Orensanz Foundation Award. Her works have been shown at non-profit galleries in New York, USA. She currently travels from one artist residency to another around the world.